Lilliana Karadavoukian

About Me

My name is Lilliana and I am a highly creative individual in search of a job that compliments my problem solving and leadership skills. I have diverse work experience both as an undergraduate and post-graduate from which I have amassed a wide range of skills including Branding, Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Event Planning, Web Design, Team and Organizational Development. I have also been fortunate to have been a part of numerous philanthropic organizations, spearheading fundraising and educational efforts. In addition to my work and non-profit experience, I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with local Angelinos for commissioned art and businesses to enhance their brand. My work experience has expanded across a broad spectrum from small-business to corporate level allowing me to refine teamwork and leadership skills which have been vital as I have progressed and been promoted throughout my career. Since 2017, I have been a part-time freelance artist and art consultant, alongside my full-time job. My diverse background and experience has served me well, allowing me to acquire new skills quickly and executing newly acquired skills effectively. My past leadership roles at both corporate and small-business levels have solidified my interest in working with individuals and effectuating strong, collaborative efforts, working purposefully to execute and complete projects. I enjoy finding innovative ways to apply newly acquired skills and assertiveness to overcome challenges as they arise. Continue exploring my page to learn more and reach out for inquires. 

My Skills


Transforming new ideas and practices from ordinary processes is my second nature. My creativity has allowed me to bring fresh ideas to working spaces and inspire change. 


My ability to naturally take lead in weak spots of projects has allowed my team to reach their goals. My first aim is to have strong interdependent relationships within the organization, then strategize towards our project goals. 

Problem Solving

My curiosity has allowed me to become a better listener and strive to discover more about the underlying subject matters related to issues in unfinished and stagnant projects. My natural ability to ask questions has allowed me understand problems where I can offer solutions unique to the situation.

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